Circle Assembly Youth

Circle Assembly's youth group starts at the 6th grade and goes through high school (12yrs - 18yrs). They are treated to a Word from God each Sunday evening as the youth pastor stands before them giving them a heart-felt message that touches each of their hearts. The Youth Pastor doesn't do it alone, there are plenty volunteers that assist in ensuring each teen has a very personal experience with God.

Youth Group

Each Sunday evening, the Youth worship God with contemporary music. They praise together. They worship together. They pray together. They build on their relationship with God and with each other.

The youth regularly meet to play games, go on trips and do fun activities. There's always somethnig going on with Circle Assembly Youth!

They also participate in the Speed the Light Missions program. They also contribute to the local community through service projects. The calendar is filling up as there is always something going on in the youth.